5 Things You Need To Know Today (March 13, 2018)

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1. Stressed out? A puppy is always a good idea.

New research from the University of British Columbia found that having a dog around can really boost overall wellness, especially for students. Researchers found that students experience a reduction in stress and an increase in levels of overall happiness and well-being. The results were so revelatory that researchers suggest universities offer dog therapy during periods of increased stress—like, during exam week. (sciencedaily.com)

2. Do you have the empathy gene?

A large new study of 46,000 people found that empathy isn't necessarily learned. Instead, it seems that empathy is at least partially inherited, and women are typically more empathetic than men. Research has also found that empathy is an important quality to have—not only does it influence our romantic relationships, but it can you make you perform better at work. Here's hoping we've all got that gene! (BBC)

3. If these students are any indication, the future of our planet lies in capable hands.

The annual #CleanSeas innovation challenge asks college students to dream up creative solutions to pressing environmental issues. This year's winning ideas? Biodegradable plastic made out of egg whites, a recycling scheme for plastic bottles that were then used to build canoes, and more. (UN Environment)

4. Is the pursuit of happiness making you totally miserable?

New research published in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review indicates that pursuing happiness may prevent you from finding it. The pursuit itself may never end because happiness is often unattainable and always moving. In that case, happiness doesn't get closer, and you're sinking all of your time into chasing it. At the end of the day, you're left without said happiness and a time deficit, both of which had adverse effects to study participants' feelings of well-being. (Science Daily)

5. A new study on childhood trauma is offering hope to patients with schizophrenia.

An international team of researchers has found an association between childhood trauma and hallucinations in patients with psychotic disorders, which affect approximately 1 percent of the population. These findings may help refine treatments for patients suffering with psychotic disorders and may also help develop treatment for children recovering from trauma. (Medical Xpress)

Frank Lipman, M.D.

5 Things You Need To Know Today (March 13, 2018)
Frank Lipman, M.D.

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