Three Blood-Sugar-Balancing Snacks That Take 3 Minutes (Or Le

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When hanger rears its ugly head, you can find yourself standing in the kitchen, too bogged down in brain fog to find the snack that'll satiate you, stat—or, worse, you reach for that bar of chocolate that will only keep you riding the blood sugar roller coaster longer. Never fear—quick, easy, blood-sugar-balancing snacks are closer than you think. Keep these three creative options on hand to ensure you're never left high and dry again.

1. Pre-made Green Soup

Juices and smoothies became hugely successful because of their convenience factor—in seconds, you could chug down what was often equal to a full day's worth of produce. The problem? All that fruit often leaves your taste buds craving more sugar and sends your insulin levels spiking sky-high. Pre-made green soups offer all of the nourishing goodness of smoothies, but the savory, vegetable base ensures you turn your sweet tooth off while still filling your belly. We love Imagine Organic Creamy Super Greens Soup, which has coconut cream for additionally satiating, healthy fat. Just toss some in a pot, heat, and sip (we love drinking ours from a mug to make it even easier).

2. Popcorn With Butter and Coconut Aminos

If you haven't tried the combination of coconut aminos and butter on popcorn, you haven't really lived. First of all: Yes, butter can be a health food, but always make sure to choose a grass-fed version, like Organic Valley. As Will Cole, D.C., explains: "Butter is one of the best sources of bioavailable fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2, which are severely lacking in the modern Western diet." The healthy fat stabilizes hormones while the coconut aminos add an amazing flavor. If you're not familiar, coconut aminos come from fermented, reduced coconut sap and salt. They're similar to tamari or soy sauce but are gluten-free, soy-free, and have a slightly more syrupy texture and sweet flavor that makes this snack truly feel indulgent (they're also rich in amino acids, which aid in muscle repair and brain and nervous system function). Popcorn is a perfect snack food: It's high in fiber, keeping your blood sugar stable, and its individual kernels let you munch away to your heart's delight. To make, just pop some popcorn (or buy pre-popped) and toss with equal parts melted butter and coconut aminos until well-coated.

3. Cinnamon Apple Almond Butter Toasts

Come 3 p.m. at mbg's office, half the staff heads to the kitchen to whip up an almond butter/apple combo, a classic snack. This version elevates the staple by slicing the apple into rings, making them the perfect medium for a slather of almond butter. While the nut butter already adds vitamin E and tons of blood-sugar-balancing fat and protein, the cinnamon helps the situation even further by balancing the metabolism and stabilizing insulin levels (plus, it had a dessert-like flavor that tricks your tongue into thinking you're getting an even sweeter treat). Just be sure to use an almond butter that has just one ingredient—almonds—like Maranatha Organic Raw Almond Butter (we love the crunchy one, which adds a dose of super-satisfying texture).

Psst: This one-day diet helps balance blood sugar, so you never feel hangry again.

Frank Lipman, M.D.

Three Blood-Sugar-Balancing Snacks That Take 3 Minutes (Or Le
Frank Lipman, M.D.

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